Effective December 2016 Novacap will no longer offer the dielectric type Z5U or Y5V ceramic capacitors. We encourage you to review your potential requirements for the listed part numbers you have purchased in the past from Novacap and either place last time buys for such parts or consider alternate materials that will fulfill your needs.

Typically the parts you sourced in the past can be replaced by X5R or X7R dielectrics which are common to the industry and to Novacap. These dielectrics will out perform what was originally designed in for form, fit and function. Please contact Novacap Sales Department should you require assistance in finding suitable replacement part numbers for your circuit needs.

We are pleased to process your last time buy orders of the Z5U/Y5V material parts provided the order is placed prior to August 2016. Lead time for these last time buys will be 12 to 14 weeks.

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Knowles are exhibiting at APEC 2016 - see us on booth #1461

APEC 2016, (Long Beach Convention & Entertainment Centre, California March 20th - March 24th 2016) booth #1461

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Novacap Knowles Customer Letter
Knowles Corporation to Become a Standalone Global Communications Technology Leader

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Non Magnetic Capacitors
Novacap manufactures surface mount capacitors that are completely non magnetic . These capacitors are designed to operate in magnetic environments such as Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) and Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) systems. Copper barrier terminations are available for soldering applications and palladium silver terminations for conductive epoxy. Please consult the factory for additional case sizes.
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High Capacitance Value MLC
NOVACAP now offers RoHS Compliant, High Capacitance Value MLC capacitors in values up 100 microfarads. This product is ideal to replace tantalum and electrolytic capacitors without polarity concerns. The low ESR characteristics allow for comparable circuit designs to be achieved at typically one-third to one-fifth of the capacitance values. 

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