Components for Space Applications

Space applications demand products of high quality, with appropriate additional testing to ensure long term reliability. These components must undergo special life-testing, sectioning and additional electrical measurements, to meet ESCC (European Space Components Coordination) Generic Specification No. 3009 requirements. The Syfer "Hi-Rel Products Guide" gives details of this testing, and other reliability grades offered.
Planar Arrays
Resin Sealed Ceramic Panel Mount Filters
Surface Mount EMI Filters

Special Filters and Assemblies

S02A Space Grade Range

Syfer is already recognised as a supplier for space and High-Rel applications, approved by NASA for supplying planar capacitor arrays for the International Space Station, for example.

Syfer Specification no. S02A 0100 is based on ESA/SCC Generic Specification no. 3009 Issue 6, and contains details of the quality and test requirements, and the range of components offered. A copy is available on request.