Syfer Technology Environmental Statement
Syfer is committed to developing, producing and offering products with progressively lower environmental impact. We shall:
  • Meet or exceed relevant environmental regulations and laws.
  • Develop management processes and operational procedures to prevent pollution.
  • Continually improve levels of environmental protection and reduce waste throughout the organisation.
  • Allow access to environmental performance information to all employees and any other responsible body having reasonable need for it.
  • Increase knowledge and consciousness about environmental issues among all employees.
  • Work with suppliers and customers to develop a similarly concerned approach to protection of the environment.
  • Coordinate Environmental, Quality and Occupational Health and Safety issues.
  • Provide appropriate resources to meet these commitments.

RoHS status

For the latest  RoHS status click on this link to download a copy of the document "RoHS 2011/65/EU - Syfer Product Range Status"

REACH status

For the latest REACH status please click on this link to download a copy of the latest REACH status document.