Application Notes

The following Application Notes have been written by the Engineers at Syfer Technology. These cover varied topics and new product developments.
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Application Note
AN0001 FlexiCap™ Termination
Details of the FlexiCap™ termination, which helps prevent mechanical cracking of multilayer chip capacitors
AN0002 Bend Testing
Test methods for Capacitor bend testing, and the shape of typical cracks
AN0004 Quality and Reliability Data
Testing methods and FIT rates
AN0005 Mechanical Cracking Potential causes of mechanical cracking, corrective actions and depanelisation methods
AN0006 Dielectric Ageing Capacitor dielectric ageing
AN0007 Stacked Chips Stack Chip components, handling and usage
AN0008 Restricted Substances and Lead-free Soldering Restricted substances and Lead-free soldering
AN0009 AEC-Q200 Stress Test Qualification
Provides information on tests performed by Syfer in accordance with the AEC-Q200 specification
AN0010 Lead-free soldering and bend test performance
The effects of Lead-free soldering on bend testing through solder choice
AN0011 Solder alloy choice and stress release cracking in through hole ceramic capacitors
Solder alloy considerations when using through hole ceramic capacitors to minimise stress cracking
AN0012 Electronic Lighting Ballasts
The use of ceramic capacitors for use in electronic lighting ballasts
AN0013 Packaging Labels for RoHS compliant parts
How Syfer parts are labelled for RoHS compliance and Lead-free solder processing
AN0014 X2Y Balanced Line EMI Chip Reliability and Performance data
X2Y Component reliability and performance data
AN0016 Micro-sectioning of Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors A guide to the preparation and examination of micro-sections to facilitate internal structural evaluation
AN0018 EMI Suppression for DC Motors using X2Y The application of X2Y chips for EMI Suppression in DC motors
AN0019 Tin Whiskers Tin Whiskers mitigation and surface mount chip capacitors
AN0021 Tandem Capacitors Tandem capacitors terminated with FlexiCap™ provide an ultra robust and reliable component.
AN0022 Open Mode Capacitors Open mode capacitors terminated with FlexiCap™ provide a robust component that fail in an open circuit mode.
AN0024 Moisture Sensitivity Level Classification for Syfer products MSL classification IPC / JEDEC J-STD-020D for Syfer products.
AN0025 LCD Inverter range of SM ceramic capacitors 5KV and 6KV range of SM ceramic capacitors for high voltage LCD inverters.
AN0026 Outgassing test results for FlexiCap™ capacitors
Results for ECSS-Q-70-02A outgassing tests on FlexiCap™ capacitors.
AN0027 European REACH Regulation
REACH regulation information for Syfer products.
AN0028 Soldering / Mounting Chip Capacitors, Radial Leaded Capacitors and EMI Filters
This gives guidance to engineers and board designers on mounting and soldering Syfer products.
AN0029 Use of Syfer MLCCs at high Temperatures
This gives information on how Syfer product could be suitable for use at elevated temperatures of up to 200°C.
AN0030 High Voltage MLCC for use on Power Supplies
Small form MLCC's for use in high voltage power supplies and converters.

AN0032 MLCC for use in modems
MLCC for use in modems.
AN0033 AC250 Range
AC250 Range: Non-Safety AC MLCC for use at Mains Voltages.
AN0034 Syfer Capacitor Basics
Capacitor Basics; what is a capacitor? MLCC uses, Dielectric types, useful formulae.
AN0035 Magnetic Characteristics of Syfer Products
Magnetic Characteristics of Syfer Products – including Non Magnetic MLCC range.
AN0036 Methods and problems of ESR measurement
The methods and problems of ESR measurement. Syfer branded Hi Q and Ultra Low ESR ceramic chip capacitors.
AN0037 IECQ-CECC range of Capacitors
IECQ-CECC range of capacitors for Mil / Aerospace applications.

AN0039 StackiCap™ High Voltage MLCC

Syfer StackiCap™ are designed to provide high CV and offer the greatest volumetric efficiency and CV per unit mass of any high voltage X7R ceramic capacitors available.
AN0040 Residual Capacitance Range VC1 Suffix
The Syfer residual capacitance range MLCCs are intended to provide a more stable capacitance value with voltage
AN0042 PSL Range with FlexiCap™ Termination  The PSL range provides a high quality component suitable for demanding applications such as power supplies, DC-DC converters and LED lighting.