MLC Capacitor Catalogue

Now includes all the product ranges from the DLI , Novacap, Syfer and Voltronics brands i.e Industry standard MLCs, High Temperature Capacitors, High Q Capacitors and Ultra Low ESR Capacitors, Non-magnetic Capacitors, 250Vac non-safety MLCC, 115V 400Hz MLCC and extensions to many of the capacitor ranges including the recent AEC-Q200 qualifications. The technical section on ceramic dielectrics has been expanded to include new and updated materials information, together with revised performance data for the High Q and Ultra Low ESR MLCC. Pull-out charts show the full standard range in convenient format.

Download the pdf here.

(Reference number 10123/17/MLC/)

Hi-Rel Products

Products can be provided for high-rel applications including space, aerospace, military and medical. This brochure contains information on the range of additional testing available, for MLCCS, radials, planars and filters.

Download the pdf here

(Reference number 10143/HiRel/16)
EMI Filters catalogue_2016

EMI Filter Catalogue

Contains details of the filter range, including EMI filter chips, surface mount pi-filters, X2Y Integrated Passive Components, panel mount feedthrough filters, planar capacitor arrays and discoidal capacitors.

Download the pdf here.

(Reference number 10189/EMI/16)

Syfer Application Notes

Our popular ‘web based’ application guides are now available in printed form.  Spiral bound, they are an invaluable source of information about our products.  They not only to help select appropriate parts, but also provide a guide to technical aspects of MLC capacitors and EMI filters.

Download the pdf here.

(Reference number 11/2014)