Special Filters and Assemblies

Manufacturing to customer designs or working together with the customer to develop a solution to a problem, Syfer offer the ability to modify satndard filter designs or develop custom designs to suit your application.

Modifications to Standard filters Special mechanical outline
Typical Examples:
  • Lead lengths to suit
  • Special thread options - e.g. M5 X 0.5 - 6g
  • Special lead forms - e.g. headed pin / threaded contact
  • Larger pin diameters
  • Special body or pin finishes
Special electrical testing
Typical examples:
  • Special test voltages - e.g. 500Vac 50Hz DWV test
  • Special capacitance values
  • 100% burn-in
  • Higher current ratings possible
Special discrete filters to match your specific requirements
Manufactured to fit the customers specific requirements, electrical characteristics and space envelope. We can offer design solutions to meet your requirement or develop customer designs into production reality.

Example 1 -
Battery terminal filter to meet precise environmental requirements and provide flat pin contact surface for connection to spring contacts on clip-on batteries. Designed to fit customers space envelope and meet specific electrical parameters.

Example 2 - 
Special SFSSC disc-on-pin decoupling stub filter for military application. Contact pin terminating inside discoidal and insulated from non pin side. Assembled with high melting point solder to allow customer to solder into panel.

Multiway filter assemblies

From a simple panel fitted with our single line discrete filters to a complex custom designed Pi filter assembly, we offer a full design and manufacture service. Assemblies can be based around discoidal capacitors for maximum flexibility or planar arrays for optimum space utilisation.

As an extension to our planar array range, we can offer soldered-in spring retaining clips for easy assembly into difficult applications such as hermetic sealed connectors and our extensive experience with filter connectors allows us to offer sub contract manufacturing to this industry sector.

Example 1 -
4 way 22nF C section planar based filter assembly. DWV 2500Vdc, 100% tested. Supplied to sensor manufacturer for installation into commercial aerospace application.

Example 2 -
85 way 1800pF L-C section planar based filter assembly, fitted into mounting plate for easy assembly. Designed to fit specific space envelope for military aerospace application.

Please contact our sales office to discuss your specific filtering requirement. We would be pleased to provide a technical and commercial proposal.

Special Filters and Assemblies

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