MLC Capacitors

Family Name Description
PSL range of X7R & C0G MLC capacitors
Capacitors for use in power supplies and led lighting circuits
Standard Range 10V to 12kVdc MLC capacitors in 0603 to 8060 size formats, X7R and C0G dielectrics
ProtectiCap™ MLC capacitors with special HV coating designed to reduce susceptibility to surface arcing
StackiCap™ Patent pending MLC capacitors with extended capacitance and voltage ranges offering size and component count reduction
X8R High Temperature Capacitors For use at temperatures of up to 150°C
TCC/VCC Capacitors With tighter than standard voltage and temperature coefficient specifications
High Q Capacitors For use at high frequencies
Ultra Low ESR Capacitors For ultimate performance at high frequencies
Non-Magnetic Capacitors For use in magnetically sensitive environments such as MRI
Open Mode Capacitors with inset electrode stack and FlexiCapTM termination for mechanical crack protection
Tandem Capacitors Capacitors with series construction and FlexiCapTM termination for mechanical crack protection
IECQ-CECC Range Tested and approved in accordance with IECQ-CECC QC32100
AEC-Q200 Range Qualified to the requirements of AEC-Q200
S02A Space Grade Range Capacitors for space applications
Safety Certified Capacitors TUV and UL certified capacitors for use in mains voltage applications
250Vac Non Safety Rated AC Capacitors Non certified capacitors designed for continuous use at mains voltages
115Vac 400Hz Capacitors Designed and tested for use at aircraft voltage and frequency
DWV Capacitors High Dielectric Withstand specification with 500DC/250AC continuous rated voltages
E01 and E07 Feedthrough Chip Capacitors Three terminal feedthrough filter capacitors
X2Y Integrated Passive Components Three terminal balanced line filter capacitors
Radial Leaded Capacitors Radial leaded version of our standard MLC range
Ribbon Leaded Capacitors

Non-magnetic ribbon leaded

 VC1 Residual Capacitors
 Capacitors for use in voltage and capacitance critical applications