MLCCs are particularly suitable for high voltage applications where small size is required. For standard high voltage capacitors a coating may be required to be applied post-soldering, to minimise the risk of flashover from one termination on the chip to the other. By contrast, the new ProtectiCap™ high voltage range has been introduced to specifically address this issue. The integral coating minimises the risk of flashover without any requirement for the customer to apply conformal coating after soldering. 

The range for ProtectiCap™ is 2-5kV, for flash over protection below 2kV we have tested our parts against other coated devices and found our standard parts match or surpass our competition offering.

This range is fully compliant with the RoHS and WEEE directives. Parts are compatible with lead free solders and standard aqueous and solvent cleaning processes.

SM Chip - ProtectiCap™
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