VC1 - Residual Capacitance

The Syfer residual capacitance range MLCCs are intended to provide a more stable capacitance value with voltage. They are configured so that, at room temperature, the capacitance is designed not to drop below 50% of the 1Vrms 1kHz value all the way up to full rated DC voltage. The parts can be operated continuously at full rated voltage but if derated, will maintain a larger percentage of their original capacitance value. If operated at 80% of rated voltage the capaciance drop will be approximately 40%. See graph below for capacitance variation with voltage.

  • Defined capacitance value
  • Case sizes from 0805 to 3640
  • Voltage rating up to 3kV
  • Power supplies
  • Capacitance critical circuits
  • Smoothing circuits
  • EMI suppression
VC1 - Residual Capacitance
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SM Chip - VC1 - Residual Capacitance
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