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Product : JR200
Technical drawing

Product Line General Specifications

Product LineInsulation ResistanceOperating TemperatureShockVibrationRecommended Tuning Tool metalRecommended Tuning Tool Ceramic
JR - Ceramic Trimmer 10⁴ megaohms -40°C to +85°C

Min Capacitance 4.5
Max Capacitance 20
DC Working Voltage 125
DC Withstanding Voltage 220
Temperature Coefficient -1500 ± 1000
Q min at 1 MHz 200
Q min at 100MHz
Self Resonant Frequency 1.15 GHz
Torque 0.6 in-oz max
Mount Type Vertical, SMT
Number of Turns
Seal No
Rotational Life Turns

Example of "JR - Ceramic Trimmer"
Packaging All parts funished on 12mm tape and reel. 1,000 pc's per reel.
MIL Designation
Marking Color Red
Is Non Mag No
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