Heatsinks & Standoffs


  • Heatsinks are fully metallized on all sides and are used to dissipate and absorb heat
  • Heatsinks allow for high thermal conductivity andare electrically conductive (DCshort)
  • Typically used with LED’s or laserdiodes


  • A Standoff is much like a Heatsink however it is typically metallized on only the top and bottomsurfaces
  • Each device is custom tailored to the customer’s specifications and is typically used with LED’s or Photo Diodes (works as a photo detector, light is allowed in through fibers

Material Specifications

Material Code
Relative ξr*
@ 5 GHz
TCC†Loss ppm/°C Coefficient of Tangent* % Max Thermal Thermal Expansion
Conductivity W/m-°K
AG 8.85 ± 0.35 (@ 1MHz) Aluminum Nitride 0.10 4.6 140-180
PI 9.9 ± 0.15 (@ 1MHz) Alumina 99.6% 0.01 6.5 - 7.5 27
*Unless otherwise specified K dielectric measurement at approximately 5 GHz. †For the temperature range -55 to 125°C. **Material only provided metalized.

Surface Finish  

Code Roughness Ra Material Process
X >50 µ in. As-Fired
Y 20 µ in. Machined
Z <5 µ in. Polished
S Special Drawing required


Code Description
M 300 Angstroms TiW, 100 µ in. min. Au
P 75 µ in. min. Nickel, 100 µ in. min. Au
E Metallized and etched per Customer drawing
300 Angstroms min. TiW, 50 µ in. min. NiV, 300 µ in. min.
D SPECIAL, DLI Design per Customer Requirements