Introduction to EMI Filters

Surface Mount Filter

A filter that is suitable for surface mounting on PCBs

It offers improved filtering compared to standard MLCCs, ease of assembly and savings on board space compared to a combination of discrete filter elements. Filter performance at higher frequencies is reduced compared to panel mount types, unless additional shielding measures are taken.

Surface Mount Filters are designed to be mounted directly to printed circuit boards using conventional mounting techniques in the same way as standard MLCC’s.

Solder connections are made to each end (signal lines) and each side band (earth or ground).

They are categorised into 3 distinct families:

  • E01 / E07 ‘C’ Filter EMI Chips (also known as 3-terminal chips)
  • Surface mount ‘Pi’/’C’ Filters
  • X2Y Filters

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Panel Mount Filter

A panel mounted filter that will pass the signal from one side of the wall of a shielded box (or ‘Faraday Cage’) to the other (it feeds the signal through the panel).

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