Today’s vehicles have many electronic control units that enable absolute precision and control. At Knowles Precision Devices, one of our fields of expertise is the design and manufacture of components important to engineers in the automotive industry.

The Automotive Electronics Council (AEC) Component Technical Committee is the standardization body for establishing standards for reliable, high quality electronic components. Components meeting these specifications are suitable for use in the harsh automotive environment without additional component-level qualification testing.

The Component Technical Committee established AEC-Q200 “Stress Test Qualification for Passive Components” to define the minimum stress test driven qualification requirements for passive electrical devices including ceramic capacitors.

Knowles has developed a range of MLC capacitors and surface mount EMI filters qualified to AEC-Q200 rev D to meet the needs of high reliability and automotive manufacturers.

With AEC-Q200 approved ranges up to a voltage rating of 4kV we provide for the requirements of modern automotive applications including EV and HEV.

Ranges include :

1. Standard MLCCs
2. StackiCap™ - large capacitance/small case size MLCCs
3. Open Mode and Tandem capacitors
4. 3 terminal EMI components
5. X2Y Integrated Passive Component
6. X8R high temperature MLCCs
7. Safety Certified MLCCs
All fully tested / approved and available with a range of suitable termination options, including tin/lead plating and Knowles FlexiCap™.


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