Knowles Precision Devices Capacitor Assemblies

Capacitor Assemblies take multiple capacitors and build them into a single sub assembly. This approach can achieve increased electrical performance (such as High Voltage, High Capacitance and High Power etc) alongside a simplification in manufacturing assembly and a significant reduction in board space required to reach these improved levels of performance.

We produce ST (Stacked Capacitor) and SM (Hi-Reliability Stacked Capacitor) Switched Mode Power Supply (SMPS) Assemblies, our patented Cap-Rack Assembly and a wide range of Custom Assemblies.

About our ST and SM SMPS Assemblies

  • Inherent low ESR / ESL design make these ideal replacements for larger capacitance electrolytic and tantalum capacitors utilized in higher frequency applications.
  • Commercial/Industrial X7R and COG versions available in 1812 thru 7565 package sizes and voltage ratings from 50Vdc to 500Vdc and capacitance values up to 68μF.
  • High Reliability versions available in low voltage stress designs with capacitance values up to 47 μF.
  • High Reliability Screening available

About our SV Capacitor Assemblies

  • Ideal for input/output filtering in SMPS (Switched Mode Power Supply) applications
  • Increased Capacitance to Volume Ratio enables capacitances of up to 200µF while reducing board space
  • Low ESR to handle high ripple currents 
  • Superior alternative to Aluminum or Tantalum electrolytic capacitors

About our Cap-Rack Assemblies

  • Patented “Cap-Rack” design (U.S. 6,058,004.)
  • Promotes miniaturization by reducing required board area.
  • Negligible cross talk compared to traditional single block alternatives
  • Mix and match dielectric types, capacitance values, voltages and chip resistors / inductors into a single array.
  • Reduced pick and place placement cost, decreased cycle time and improved productivity.
  • High Reliability Screening available

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