SMD Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors

Surface Mount MLCCs (Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors) from Knowles Precision Devices are designed for some of the world’s most demanding applications. The markets we serve include medical implantable devices and medical equipment, military, aerospace/avionics, EMI and connector filtering, oil exploration, instrumentation, industrial electronics, optical networks, telecom and automotive.

From standard voltage ranges and capacitances to application specific designs such as High Q Capacitors with ultra-low ESR and High Reliability Capacitors designed and screened for applications from down-hole to medical implantable to space.

  • Across the MLCC product range our innovative and award winning FlexiCap™ and StackiCap™ approach to manufacturing MLCCs ensure our devices can perform at the very edge of what is possible for MLCCs today. 
  • FlexiCap™ has been developed as a result of listening to customers’ experience of stress damage to MLCCs from many manufacturers, often caused by variations in production processes.
  • Our answer is a proprietary flexible epoxy polymer termination material, that is applied to the device under the usual nickel barrier finish. FlexiCap™ will accommodate a greater degree of board bending than conventional capacitors.
  • The StackiCap™ range offers a significant reduction in PCB real estate for an equivalent capacitance value when board space is at a premium.

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