Build To Print

Build To Print Services

Knowles Precision Devices offers Build-to-Print services designed to facilitate thin film product design, manufacturing and testing from prototype to high volume production.

For a step by step overview of Build-to-print see our Build To Print Basics series.

Typical Applications

  • Heat Sinks and Standoff
  • Integrated Passive Components
  • Custom Resistor Capacitor Networks
  • Lange Couplers, Power Combiners
  • EMI Filters
  • High Frequency Filters
  • Microwave Integrated Circuits (MIC)
  • Bias Decoupling and Filtering
  • Lumped Element Impedance Matching Network
  • PA Stabilization
  • Impedance Matching and Power Combining Network
Our custom ceramics offer significantly better thermal performance than the majority of industry standard ceramics and have an added benefit of a sufficiently higher dielectric constant (K) allowing miniaturization opportunities and temperature stable performance. We also offer services across a wide range of other materials to suit your application.