Knowles Precision Devices is the world's leader in the design and manufacture of precision trimmer capacitors. Through our brands Voltronics and Johanson Manufacturing our engineering team works closely with customers to develop leading-edge technologies to solve all of their tuning needs for variable capacitors. Knowles Trimmers portfolio includes air, glass, sapphire, and PTFE dielectrics that can be used from 1 MHz to over 2 GHz and at voltages up to 20,000 VDC. Trimmers are available in precision Multi-Turn and Half/Single turn formats.

In addition Knowles also offers a complete line of non-magnetic components for the MRI and NMR industries, including trimmer capacitors, chip capacitors, inductors, both fixed and variable, and hardware. Knowles has a diverse range non-magnetic components that coil designers can rely on for quality and non-magnetic performance. 

In addition to Trimmers and non-magnetic components Knowles also offer a range of microwave tuning elements with a range of form factors and dielectrics including Sapphire, Quartz, Eccosorb as well as brass.

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