Mounting Shorts

 Alumina mounting shorts (or Aluminum Nitride for improved thermal properties), with metallization on the top, bottom and two of four sides, allow placement of a wirebond anywhere in the circuit, replacing the need for gold terminations on the substrate. They also can be used to raise the ground plane, reducing lead length for reduced inductance for high-speed/frequency applications, or to dissipate heat from under an IC or laser chip.


  • Instant bondingpads
  • Fully Conductive
  • Height Matching
  • Replaces moly-tabs
  • Any size available, as small as .003” X.003
Dimensional Tolerance: Standard is .001” for length, width and thickness. Tighter tolerances down to .0003” are available for thickness .0005” and greater.
For <.0005” consult factory for available tolerances.

Our ceramic mounting shorts are excellent replacements for kovar and moly-tabs. These ceramic shorts have a much sharper edge and are flat stable bases for mounting semiconductors.

Ordering information - MST Series - Mounting Shorts

MST 30 25 x 20 x 6 G S 5
Cap Style Material Length (mils) Width (unmetallized side) (mils) Thickness (mils) Metallization Cut to Size Thickness Tolerance
        3 to +100 mils G = Gold
  (only utilized if <.001”; figure represents tenths of a mil)