RF and Microwave Filter Capabilities

Filter Technology from VHF to V Band

We make a wide range of filters, from 300 MHz to 75 GHz in Bandpass, Lowpass, Highpass and Bandstop configurations. Whether you're looking for a catalog part, a build to print solution or a custom build, we take on the complex challenges of implementing high-performance filters across the widest range of specifications. 

We're an AS-9100 certified supplier to the majority of defense contractors in the United States - and many worldwide - that purchases passive RF and microwave filtering products. Our products are currently in use worldwide in the most advanced military and aerospace instrumentation and communication systems. A wide range of subsea, air and space navigation, communication and detection systems rely on the superior technology and performance of our filters.

Filter Product Features:


Lumped Element Filters
Lump-Elementweb-(1).jpg10MHz - 11GHz center frequencies
1% to 175% in fractional bandwidth


Coaxial Ceramic Resonator Filters 

Resonator-IMCweb.png  Based on our proprietary ceramics
  200MHz to 6GHz with bandwidths from 0.2% to 45%.


Cavity Filters and compact Surface Mount Cavity Filters 
Cavity-Filter.jpg200MHz to 30GHz for bandwidths in the range of 0.1% to 55%


Microstrip – Thin Film 

B096QC2S-retouchedweb.pngImplemented in thin film on high performance ceramics
1GHz to 42GHz with fractional bandwidths falling between 2% and 80%.

Frequencies & Applications
Our components can be found from 8,000 feet below the earth’s surface to 34 million+ miles away on Mars and beyond. 

Filters by Application Band

We provide both custom and catalog filters from the VHF to the V Band.