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For power electronics used in high-temperature environments such as electric vehicles or industrial applications, you can’t afford to protect your capacitors with cooling systems that can add weight and increase your product’s overall footprint. Instead, discover how our Hiteca™ range of multilayer ceramic capacitors delivers low losses while offering high, stable capacitance up to maximum voltage and temperature.

Through our unique, patented dielectric system, Hiteca™ MLCCs are able to achieve a capacitance aging rate of 0% per decade, and a typical capacitance reduction of <45% at full rated voltage. This makes them the perfect choice for applications such as DC bus smoothing, while their non-piezo construction makes them ideal for snubber capacitors. And with lower self-heating properties and low loss operation, they can also handle higher ripple currents than conventional ceramic capacitors. Talk to us today to learn more about our Hiteca™ MLCCs, and explore how they can help you ensure the performance and reliability of your power electronics in a wider range of operating conditions.

  • High Capacitance, High Voltage
  • Low loss AC operation
  • Non-piezo construction
  • Series of part numbers 1206-2225
  • Up to 2000Vdc
  • High capacitance
  • Capacitance stability over temperature and voltage
  • Zero capacitance aging
  • Lower parasitic losses under common operating conditions
  • Power supply
  • Industrial
  • Automotive/Inverter/Filtering/Smoothing
  • Ripple current smoothing
  • Snubber capacitors

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