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Our latest enhanced range of AEC-Q200 qualified Safety Certified capacitors complies with international UL / cUL and IEC/EN specifications to offer designers the option of using a surface mount ceramic multilayer capacitor to replace leaded film types.

Advantages over other safety certified MLCC ranges include:

  • Class Y2 250Vac ranges
  • Class X1 & X2 305Vac ranges
  • All ranges have a safety certified dc voltage rating (unique in the industry)
  • All ranges are certified as humidity robustness grade IIIB (unique in the industry)

Offering the benefits of simple pick-and-place assembly, reduced board space required and lower profile, they are also available in a FlexiCap™ version to reduce the risk of mechanical cracking.

Knowles’ high voltage capacitor expertise allows us to offer capacitance ranges that are among the highest in the market for selected case sizes.

Applications include: modems and other telecoms equipment, AC-DC power supplies, power distribution switchgear, automotive applications and where lightning strike or other voltage transients represent a threat to electronic equipment.
  • Surface mount multilayer ceramic capacitors
  • AEC-Q200 qualified
  • Case sizes 1808, 1812, 2211, 2215 and 2220
  • Reduced board area and height restrictions
  • Reduced assembly costs over conventional through hole components
  • FlexiCap™ option available on all sizes
  • Meet Class Y2, X1 and X2 requirements
  • Approved for mains voltages up to 250Vac 50/60Hz (class Y2) and 305Vac 50/60Hz (classes X1, X2)
  • SYX range with DWV withstand to 4kVdc / 3kVac – suitable for EV battery systems with high voltage test demands
  • SYS range with reduced creepage class Y2 (250Vac) / X1 (305Vac) parts offering a smaller part for use in equipment within the scope of IEC62368
  • CTI ≥ 600
  • Approved by TÜV and UL
  • Certification specifications IEC/EN60384-14:2013+A1, UL60384-14 and CAN/CSA E60384-14:14

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