Cap-Rack Capacitor Assemblies

  • The Cap-Rack (US Patent 6,058,004) is an assembly of individual chip capacitors, bonded with high temperature epoxy. 
  • A Cap-Rack can be made up of a pair, to as many as eight same size chips - 0603,0805,1005,1206,1210,1808,1812,1825,2221 and 2225 - into one single component providing extended freedom for PCB space utilization. 
  • Footprint dimensions can also vary to further optimize board space usage. 
  • The patented design allows the chip to behave as individual components, not as a single large ceramic mass, and therefore reduces harmful thermal stress during assembly. 
  • Typical applications are in Multi-line designs, Mobile phones, Automotive, Computers, Network Devices and Medical products.
  • Electrical advantages include reduction in cross talk, to insignificant levels, by elimination of capacitance coupling between adjacent capacitors; the ability to combine resistors and inductors within the Cap-Rack, as well as mixing and matching capacitance values and dielectrics.
  • Mechanical advantages include reduced board area; easier to handle; reduced placement cost; reduces components stress and decreased cycle time. 
  • Cap-Rack can also be used with traditional pick and place equipment.
  • Contact our sales team for High Reliability versions and custom designs, particularly for high voltage applications.
  • Cap Arrays require drawings to specify length and width of array and chip size used. Please contact our sales team for details.

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