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  • Ideal for input/output filtering in SMPS (Switched Mode Power Supply) applications
  • Increased Capacitance to Volume Ratio enables capacitances of up to 200µF while reducing board space
  • Low ESR to handle high ripple currents 
  • Superior alternative to Aluminum or Tantalum electrolytic capacitors
The SV capacitor assemblies are a vertical stacking of ceramic capacitors, which reduces the overall circuit board footprint. They are available in the X7R dielectric with a high capacitance to volume ratio. Low ESR and Low ESL are inherent in the design giving the assemblies a capability to handle high ripple currents at high frequencies making them ideally suited for the input and output stages of switch mode power supplies and DC-DC converters. The SV capacitor assemblies offer far superior performance than either Aluminum or Tantalum electrolytic capacitors. They can be made with up to ten same size chips with various lead configurations to safeguard against thermal and mechanical stresses and are 100% tested for Dielectric Withstanding Voltage, Insulation Resistance, Capacitance, and Dissipation Factor.

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