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The Ultra-Low ESR "H" range offers a very stable X8G High Q material system that provides excellent low loss performance. 
Optimized for lowest possible ESR, the electrode system provides low metal losses resulting in flatter performance curves and reduced losses at higher frequencies.
An extended operating temperature range of -55ºC to +150ºC accommodates modern high density micro electronics requirements.
This range of high frequency capacitors is suitable for many applications where economical, high performance is required.
Operating Temperature
-55°C to +150°C (EIA X8G) 
175°C option available
Temperature Coefficient (Typical)
0 ± 30 ppm/°C (EIA X8G)
Insulation Resistance
Time constant (Ri xCr) 100GΩ or 1000s (whichever is the least)
Q Factor
>2000 @ 1MHz

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