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The Knowles Syfer Brand X2Y Integrated Passive Component is a 3 terminal EMI chip device. When used in balanced line applications, the revolutionary design provides simultaneous line-to-line and line-to-ground filtering, using a single ceramic chip. In this way, differential and common mode filtering are provided in one device.  
For unbalanced applications, it provides ultra low ESL (equivalent series inductance). Capable of replacing 2 or more conventional devices, it is ideal for balanced and unbalanced lines, twisted pairs and dc motors, in automotive, audio, sensor and other applications.  
Available in sizes from 0805 to 1812, these filters can prove invaluable in meeting stringent EMC demands.
X7R or C0G/NP0
Electrical configuration
Multiple capacitance
Capacitance measurement
At 1000hr point
Typical capacitance matching
Better than 5%  (down to 1% available on request)
Temperature rating
-55°C to 125°C
Insulation resistance
100Gohms or 1000s (whichever is the less)
Dielectric withstand voltage
<200V 2.5 times rated Volts for 5 secs 500V 1.5 times rated Volts for 5 secs Charging current limited to 50mA Max.

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