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SFJN range of threaded panel mount EMI Filters
The SFJN range of feed-through EMI filters provides impressive insertion loss over a wide frequency band, thanks to the high capacitance values available. With an M6 thread and a 9.80mm (0.386") round head, they are supplied as standard with nuts and washers.
Available in 'C' and L-C configurations, the capacitance range is from 10nF to 3.3µF, utilising C0G or X7R dielectric material. Working voltages range from 50Vdc to 3000Vdc, and current ratings up to 15A. 500Vdc also rated for operation at 115Vac 400Hz.
General threaded EMI filters range from M2.5 to M8, with UNC UNF and UNEF alternatives, in 'C' section, L-C, 'T' and pi-section. Hexagonal and round body styles are available, to suit a wide range of applications including aerospace, communications and microwave modules.

At the heart of every Knowles Syfer Brand resin sealed ceramic filter is a multilayer ceramic element, manufactured using our unique 'Wet Process'. Dielectric materials used include the ultra-stable C0G and stable X7R types - Z5U/Y5V is not used. This ensures excellent insertion loss performance is provided up to full rated voltage and to the extremes of rated temperature. Capacitance values up to 6.6µF are offered, with working voltages up to 3kVdc.

Special types include X2Y panel mount filters and we are always pleased to consider custom types such as form factor, lead length and varistor.
Resin Sealed Ceramic M6 X 0.75 - 6g thread, C section, 9.8mm round head.

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