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Discoidal capacitors are at the heart of many EMI filters. More robust and reliable than tubular capacitors, they offer higher capacitance options, with values up to several microfarads. In addition to standard configurations, we are able to meet customers’ specific drawings in terms of electrical performance and mechanical design.
Discoidal multilayer ceramic capacitors are of a configuration suitable for direct mounting into filters, onto bulkheads and hybrid circuits. Due to their geometry, they have excellent RF performance characteristics as well as very high self-resonant frequencies. They are offered with a choice of C0G/NP0 or X7R ceramic, or in MOV (metal oxide varistor) material for voltage protection applications.

Varistor planar arrays and varistor discoidals

Varistor planar arrays and varistor discoidals provide a dual function. The use of metal oxide based ceramic (MOV) provides the voltage protection, with bi-directional clamping, while the inherent capacitance, due to the multilayer construction, ensures effective low-pass EMI filtering up to at least 1GHz.

General Specification

C0G/NP0, X7R

Outer diameter 2.0mm minimum
Inner diameter 0.5mm minimum
Minimum wall thickness requirements apply. Refer to factory.
Capacitance range:
pF to µF
Capacitance tolerance:
±5%, ±10%, ±20%, -0%+100%
50V to 3kVdc or higher
Operating temperature range: 
-55°C to +125°C
Termination options:
Gold over nickel

To reflect the unique custom nature of discoidals and planar arrays, we do not list a standard range, but ask you to contact the sales office to discuss your specific requirement.

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