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MLC capacitors with silver/palladium (Ag/Pd) terminations have often been used in medical applications where non-magnetic components are required, for example in MRI equipment - however, conventional nickel barrier terminations are not suitable due to their magnetic properties. In addition, RoHS requirement to use lead-free solders would cause an increase in soldering temperatures and cause solder leaching problems for the Ag/Pd termination. This has meant alternatives have had to be found and one solution is to use a copper barrier instead of a nickel barrier, with a tin finish on top. This non-magnetic termination is offered with selected non-magnetic C0G/ NP0, High Q and X7R dielectrics, providing a fully non-magnetic component (µr = 1.0000).
To meet high temperature 260ºC soldering reflow profiles as detailed in J-STD-020, C0G/NP0 dielectrics are supplied with sintered termination for optimised HighQ / low ESR performance, whilst X7R dielectrics are supplied with our FlexiCap™ termination to minimise risk of mechanical cracking. Ribbon lead terminations are also available in popular larger case sizes to allow for hand soldering into place.

Whilst the primary application for theses ranges is MR (MRI and NMR) there are many others where non-magnetic components can be utilised.

PIM sensitive applications can see a benefit as the parts do not contain nickel, a source of hysteresis and contributor to PIM.

Navigation systems and dead reckoning devices. It can be beneficial to remove any magnetic material from the vicinity of compasses where high levels of accuracy are required.

Semiconductor processing where e-beam systems are utilised, again it can be beneficial to remove any magnetic material from the vicinity of the control systems.

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