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This range uses High Q and X7R dielectrics and provides a fully non-magnetic component (µr = 1.0000).

MLC capacitors with silver/palladium (Ag/Pd) terminations have often been used in medical applications where non-magnetic components are required, for example in MRI equipment - however, conventional nickel barrier terminations are not suitable due to their magnetic properties. In addition, RoHS requirement to use lead-free solders would cause an increase in soldering temperatures and cause solder leaching problems for the Ag/Pd termination. This has meant alternatives have had to be found and one solution is to use a copper barrier instead of a nickel barrier, with a tin finish on top. This nonmagnetic termination is offered with selected non-magnetic C0G/ NP0, High Q and X7R dielectrics, providing a fully non-magnetic component (µr = 1.0000). To meet high temperature 260ºC soldering reflow profiles as detailed in J-STD-020, C0G/NP0 dielectrics are supplied with FlexiCap™ or sintered termination whilst X7R dielectrics are supplied only with the FlexiCap™ termination.

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