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Our complete testing facility is available for any additional military testing requirements. Options available include thru-hole and surface mount lead styles, to make them suitable for mounting on ceramic substrates or epoxy PCBs. Consult the Sales Office if your specific requirements exceed our catalogue maximums (size, cap. value and voltage). These ranges of both High Capacitance and High Voltage MLC assemblies are available in C0G/NP0 and X7R dielectrics. Low ESR and Low ESL are inherent in the design giving the assemblies a high capability up to 1MHz and offer far superior performance than either Aluminium or Tantalum electrolytic capacitors. They are designed for use in high power or high frequency applications such as switched mode power supplies, DCDC converters, high capacitance discharge circuits and high temperature filtering/decoupling. They can be made with up to five same size chips with various lead configurations to safeguard against thermal and mechanical stresses. The commercial ‘ST’ series provide the highest capacitance available and are 100% tested for Dielectric Withstanding Voltage, Insulation Resistance, Capacitance and Dissipation Factor.

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