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A range of MLC chip capacitors in Ultra stable EIL Class I C0G/NP0, dielectric with special testing for long term reliability. They are designed for optimum reliability; burned in at elevated voltage and temperature, and 100% physically and electrically inspected to ascertain conformance to strict performance criteria. Units may be tested in accordance with MIL-PRF-55681, MIL-PRF-123, MIL-PRF-49467 or customer SCD.
Designed for surface mount application with nickel barrier terminations making them suitable for solder wave and reflow solder board attachment as well as vapor phase attachment for part sizes 2225 or smaller. Silver-palladium terminations are also available for hybrid use with conductive epoxy.
C0G/NP0 chips are used in precision circuitry requiring Class I stability and exhibit linear temperature coefficient, low loss and stable electrical properties with time, voltage and frequency.
They find application for High Reliability use such as medical implanted devices, aerospace, airborne and military use as well as consumer uses requiring safety margins not attainable with commercial products.
Standard EIA case sizes and available C/V values are listed below - special sizes, thicknesses and other voltage ratings are available; please contact the Sales Office for information.


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