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Industry wide standard multilayer ceramic capacitors are supplied with a DC rating only. For AC use, Surge and Safety capacitors with an AC rating of 250Vac have been available but the capacitance range is limited as a result of the strict impulse and VP requirements in the international standards. Syfer Technology have developed a range which provides a solution for use at up to 250Vac 60Hz continuous use and provides for non safety-critical applications where extended capacitance ranges are required.

Capacitance range

Case sizes 0805 to 2220 are available in both X7R and C0G/NP0 dielectrics with capacitances of up to 120nF. The capacitance ranges are divided into four groups which are based on the voltage coefficient of capacitance, C0G/NP0 which has negligible capacitance shift with applied voltage and three subgroups of X7R. Type A with ±30% maximum capacitance shift 0V-240V, Type B with +30% to -50% maximum capacitance shift 0V-240V and Type C with +30 to -80% maximum capacitance shift 0V to240V.

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