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Industry wide standard multilayer ceramic capacitors are supplied with a DC Rating only.  For AC use, Surge and Safety capacitors with an AC rating of 250Vac have been available but the capacitance range is limited as a result of the strict impulse and VP requirements in the international standards. To complement the 250Vac 60HZ range, Knowles has now developed a range which provides a solution for use at up to 500Vac 60Hz continuous use and provides for non-safety critical applications where extended capacitance ranges are required.

Capacitance Range
Case sizes 1812 to 2220 are available in X7R dielectric with capacitances of up to 47nF.  In addition this range is specified to withstand a 1000V peak impulse, 1.2x50μS I.A.W. IEC-EN 60384-14 4.3.12, with no damage or deterioration.

Certificates & Approvals