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The VC1 residual capacitance range MLCCs provide a more stable capacitance value with voltage - not to drop below 50% of the 1Vrms 1kHz value, up to full rated DC voltage, at room temperature.
They can be operated continuously at full rated voltage, but if de-rated will maintain a larger percentage of their original capacitance value, e.g. at 80% RV capacitance value equals 60% approx..
Defined capacitance value in case sizes from 0805 to 3640, with voltage rating up to 3kV. Ideal for Power supplies, capacitance critical circuits, smoothing circuits and EMI suppression.

  • Defined Capacitance Value
  • Case Sizes from 0805 to 3640
  • Voltage rating up to 3kV
Operating Temperature
-55°C to +125°C
Temperature Coefficient
(Typical) ± 15%
Insulation Resistance at +25°C
Time constant (Ri xCr) (whichever is the least) 100GΩ or 1000s
Ageing Rate
Typical 1% per time decade

Certificates & Approvals
Syfer Cap Cad