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High Temperature Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors

Our high temperature MLCC series exhibit stable performance across an extended operating temperature range of -55°C to +250°C. Both Class I and Class II parts are available with DC voltage ratings of 50,100 and 200V satisfying a wide range of demanding applications.

We provide a wide range High Temperature MLCCs designed to operate in diverse High Temperature environments.

Standard automotive, military and commercial applications often require that components operate at temperatures up to 125°C. Our Standard multilayer ceramic capacitors are approved for use at temperatures up to 125°C

Beyond 125°C there is a growing need for components that can tolerate increased temperature environments:

Modern Wireless Base Station operate without cooling systems to save energy costs and space – that combined with increased outputs in power amplifiers and increasing board density often leads to environments in the range of 150°C. Knowles X8R Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors are approved for use up to 150°C

In avionics systems key modules are placed close to the aircraft engine. The ambient temperature, in close proximity to the engine, ranges from –55°C to +200°C. Electric vehicles and hybrid-electrics require power electronics with high energy density for converters, motor controls, and charging circuits that are also associated with high temperatures, exceed 200°C. Knowles Precision Devices Capacitors optimized for operation above 150°C and up to 200°C serve these environments

Extremes of temperature are also seen in the downhole oil and gas industry. As exploration leads to deeper wells temperature requirements exceed beyond 200°C. To answer this need the Knowles High Temperature HiT range products are approved for use at elevated temperatures of up to 250°C.

  • Stable 250°C Operation
  • Compact SMD Chip
  • Polyterm® Termination Option
  • Sn-Pb Termination Option
  • Down-Hole Drilling
  • Automotive – ICE (Internal Combustion Engine)
  • Automotive – xEV (Electric Vehicles)
  • High Temperature Modules
  • Industrial Equipment

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