Available Brands



The HiT range of multilayer ceramic capacitors is suitable for a variety of high temperature applications including: oil exploration, geothermal, military, automotive under-hood and avionics. This range is manufactured to exacting standards using our unique screen printing process. This provides a high quality component suitable for demanding applications.

● 200ºC operating temperature
● 0603 to 2220 chip sizes
● C0G/NP0 and X7R dielectric options
● Capacitance range C0G/NP0 from 4.7pF up to 22nF
● Capacitance range X7R from 100pF up to 3.3µF
● Voltage ratings from 16V to 630V
● RoHS compliant / Pb Free
● Sn over Ni termination
● Sample kits available

Insulation Resistance (IR)
 25ºC >100GΩ or 1000secs (whichever is the less).
200ºC >1GΩ or 10secs (whichever is the less).

Temperature Coefficient of Capacitance (TCC)
C0G/NP0 30ppm/ºC to +125°C.  X7R ±15% to +125°C
Ageing Rate
C0G/NP0 Zero.  X7R  X7R typically less than 2% per time decade.

Certificates & Approvals