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The resin sealed panel mount filter ranges feature silver plated brass bodies and copper alloy pins. In all cases the capacitive element is a low ESR high performance discoidal ceramic multilayer device. Tin/lead metalwork plating is available as an option and tin can be considered but is not recommended due to the potential for tin whiskers. Non-standard finishes may incur additional charges or minimum order quantities. Where applicable, sealing is by high purity glob top encapsulant, heat cured. 
Inductors are ferrite beads. These may suffer from saturation under full operating conditions. 
Voltage and Current rating
All voltage and current ratings are quoted over the full operating temperature range -55ºC to +125ºC. Allowance should be made for anticipated surge currents. Any voltage spike withstand requirements should be referred to the factory as they can have a serious effect on the reliability of the device.
Filters with a dual dc/ac voltage rating are identified in the individual datasheets. Other filters may also be suitable for use under ac voltage conditions, please refer enquiries to the factory. In all cases where a filter is operated under ac conditions, current flow to ground through the capacitor and self-heating of the device will occur, dependent on the capacitance, frequency and voltage. It is the responsibility of the customer to determine if operation in application is acceptable. 
Care should be taken not to exceed the maximum rated voltage and current for the filter. All the filters in this catalogue are designed to operate at high currents/high voltages and may be fitted with high capacitances resulting in a potential electric shock hazard. Electrical energy may be stored for some time after switch off – do not handle filters without first discharging and/or checking that the stored voltage is at a low level.

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