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Ceramic cavity resonator technology can be employed in conjunction with DLI’s stable, high Q ceramics to create highly selective, small, low loss bandpass filters.  Using a multi-port implementation, a very small robust filter can be created.  Wide reject band performance without spurious modes is possible.  The small, shielded nature of the ceramic filter implementation makes it an ideal choice for integration in low noise receiver front ends with the antenna and pre-amplifier. 

  • Small Size – typical ceramic cavity filter is 30times smaller than waveguide technology
  • 0.8 x 0.2 x 0.03 inch for 10 GHz filter
  • LO/Multiplier chains/RF pre-select/image filtering
  • Low loss in passband: 2-4 dB typical
  • Devices scalable from C to Ku band
  • Bandwidth 1 to 5%
  • Narrow footprints are great for switch filter banks
Part Number FL FH IL (@Fc, 25ºC) L x W x H, inches (mm) Datasheet Design Files
C079KB1S  7.75   7.9   2.25  0.937 (23.80) x 0.238 (6.05) x 0.064 (1.63)  C079KB1S  C079KB1S
C142KB02  14  14.5   2.25  0.636 (16.16) x 0.238 (6.05) x 0.064 (1.63)  C142KB02  

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