Design Guidelines: Gridlok

Gridlok© is a simple, yet highly effective backside metallization structure that provides increased surface area for both soldered and epoxy attachment processes. When standard attachment interfaces test at marginal values, Gridlok© will optimize device adhesion and pull and shear strengths in critical applications.


Gridlok© Enhanced Bonding Strength for Die Attach
1/10 Substrate Thickness, not <002"
X Dimension Grid Spacing C to C
1/10 Die X Dimension
Y Dimension Grid Spacing C to C
1/10 Die Y Dimension
Platform Height
.0002" - .002"
Note: The Gridlok© pattern is placed on top of the "B" side metal thickness required for the designed device performance. A metal pull back will be required for "B" side standard metal to facilitate die separation without metal burring.