Design Guidelines: Other Services


The needs of your business provide the sparks of innovation that push us to continue development in thin film technology and services. We are constantly expanding opportunities and capabilities; you are invited to challenge our team with your ideas and unique requirements.


Printed serialization of devices using photolithographic print and etch technology. A number of metals can be utilized to enhance contrast to optimize for various OCR systems.

Dicing Services

Dicing and grooving of ceramic material including capacitors, sapphire windows and customer supplied circuits.

Metallization Services

Metallization services on customer supplied substrate materials such as diamond, ferrite, silicon carbide, aluminum, barium titanate and metal or ceramic microwave packages.

Aluminum to Gold transitions

Historically, Al to Au transitions have been the catalyst for field failures due to metallic contamination. We can provide these transitions with a protected interface allowing the designer to eliminate costly au wire bonding where aluminum would suffice.

Ceramic Package Seal Rings

Ceramic seal rings with pre-deposited Au/Sn can be provided in small quantities or in volume.

Temporary Lead frames

With our Cu filled via process, temporary lead frames can be manufactured in less than two weeks using FR4. Set up a standard 'QUICK TURN" process router with our engineering services group and you can be testing your new die on time and prior to committing to large lead frame orders. Break the back on cycle time with our temporary test fixtures.