Design Guidelines: Test Capabilities

Unlike most thin-film manufacturing companies, Knowles Precision Devices offers full DC-40 GHz Automatic Network Analyzer (AGILENT 8510) test capability.

Our engineering staff can create fixtures or perform wafer probing to ensure a compliant design the first time and every time in production.  Full S-parameter data or TDR plots can be provided. 

Our RF Testing lab contains a number of thin film substrate and module test fixtures that can be configured to perform non-destructive RF tests on substrates. These fixtures are adjustable in X, Y and Z directions and can support multiple input/output configurations.

Typical measurements include:

  1. Edge coupled filters
  2. Microstrip to Coplanar Waveguide (CPW) transitions
  3. Equalizers
  4. Couplers and Splitters
  5. Open/short continuity testing
  6. Microstrip, CPW  and Coupled line impedances
  7. TDR Line measurements (Impedance, discontinuities, terminations etc.)
  8. Attenuator Impedance and Attenuation value testing (DC and RF)